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Thank you so much for ‘Welcome back’ flowers  –  A really sweet gesture and much appreciated!

I can truly say it was a ‘trip of a lifetime’ – we cannot repeat it even if we tried!
All arrangements made by you – hotels, eurail, transfers, were spot on – a very special
mention of ‘pick up/drop off’ which made our travel so easy and comfortable as there were
no delays nor waiting and all of them were so courteous, helpful, pleasant, and it was a huge plus
point in our travel.

We could have done without Valencia, but that was our choice!

Barcelona was my best, with Granada and Madrid close behind.  Lisbon was delightful and I enjoyed
every minute of it, including the overnight train ride!  Going to Fatima and Sintra was super and the
shopping was brilliant!

Sangria went down really well with the ladies and the local dishes at street cafes, on the beach,
as well as fine dining restaurants were super!  Of course, two Chinese meals had to be thrown in!

Wow – 10 ladies on the run (11 in Barcelona) what a team!  I must admit, all of us got on extremely well and
my appreciation and thanks to each and everyone for making this trip so memorable and enjoyable.

A very big THANK YOU to you, Enoka, for your personal interest in our travel and wish you and
Scenic Ventures all the very best and, God willing, more travel with you in the future.

Love & Best regards,

Shalini Wickremeratne
Dawn Austin
Loretta Abayasekera
Mano Caderamanpulle
Sunetha Nirmalalingam
Rohini Yoheswaran
Nirmalie Malalasekera
Sonia Weinman
Durmila Kumara
Dilrukshi Serasinghe