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The 7day/8 night trip to Moscow/St Petersburg organized by Enoka de Zoysa was perfect from the moment she took over.

The hotels were good in a moderate sense, guides brilliant-in fact the best I ever encountered-transport superb and food adequate. There is an overdoing on Cathedrals and Churches especially for Buddhists but Sri Lankan interests like Bolshoi or Markets or Parks or Atmospheric Streets are underdone. Full marks to Intourists, local agent, they take good care.

Tour works to precision but then we worked to times so it was reciprocal. Guides worked to tight schedules of serving dinner sharp on time in the night rail private cabin or had sufficient time to drop into an atmospheric café off schedule due to time at hand. Put it a nutshell- Don’t be like the Indians who report 30 minutes late.

The flip side -ensure the agency know you are Asians as they await Europeans on the platforms since booking is from London. Hospitality services in hotels are very poor. Russians till you get to know them are unfriendly and distant being old world communists. Get to know them-Russians are nice people who work to the rule book-no flexibility. If lost talk to young people. If sick don’t take chances-medical services are rock bottom- sick are left to die or recover due to natural causes.

Remember not to fly Sri Lankan till they have a local agent in Moscow. Its run by a Russian company that does not know of a business lounge and we stood for 4 hours at the airport that has virtually no seating, while the flight was defrosted. Our crew is prohibited off the plane and you are with no support.